Things we are good at...

We believe in Karma and we hate taking the blame for messing up things. Isn't it a pretty good reason for you guys to trust us for your work? We are not good at a lot of things but we have listed the things we consider ourselves good at. To see if you like our work or not, see our work here.

How we work...

Understand your Requirements.

Dedicate you a manager.

Present you the idea.

Instant Delivery.

Brand Strategy & Design

We are not MBAs but we completely understand what a brand needs and how to plan a strategy to help it to go 0 to 100 real quick. We will design your logo, packages, flyers, standees and we definitely plan challenging branding and marketing strategies.

And yes, it will be a plus plus if we get a chance to build things from scratch for you. We won't lag behind when it comes to take the credits for something. }:)

Web Designing & Development

Now that we have mentioned web designing and development here, don't consider us a "Just another Website Development Company" in Chandigarh or anywhere else. We are strictly not that. The first thing that we pledged before starting Design Coolie was not to be one of those.

We have great designers, illustrators and coders who are ready to work their asses off to create something legen (wait for it) dary. Legendary!

Android/iOS App Development

Design Coolie understands that mobile apps are a must these days. So, we have a separate team of android and iOS app developer ready to showoff their talents. This team has the most credit seekers ready to claim the credits for the work they've done.

There's a constant war for credits going on between our UI/UX Designer and the Developers.

Search Engine Optimization

The most underrated department in Design Coolie is this. We have the best of the SEO specialists from around the country who completely understand Google's Hummingbird Algorithm and are all set to implement the techniques to make your website rank high on the search pages. Not "High" high, but high.

We have SEO Packages for everyone. Contact us for a quote.