Startup talks with padosi!

Contributed by: Akash Puri | Published on: May 25, 2016

Padosi: Beta company switch kardi? Kaunsi company join ki hai.
Me: Uncle maine apna startup start kiya hai.
Padosi: Kya???” – 2014

Padosi: Beta company switch kardi? Kaunsi company join ki hai.
Me: Uncle maine apna startup start kiya hai.
Padosi: Startup India, Standup India. Shabaash beta!!!” – 2016

Thanks to our Modiji, it was not tough for me to explain when I told my neighbours that we do branding for startups. But sometimes you encounter those padosis who will not leave any chance to embarrass you; they will come up with one more question. Beta..aap toh software developer ho… graphic designer thodi. Aap branding me kya karte ho?

With 3100 startups from 2014 to 4200 startups in 2015, India ranks at third position in number of startups globally by NASSCOM. Out of these 4200 startups, 3000 are product-based software startups. From Flipkart to Zomato, Just dial to Bookmyshow; all these startups are trying to solve a generic problem using some software only.Software plays a role more important than ever in building these startups into brands. To be more precise, a software in the form of a website or a mobile app for a startup is like the salesman for a traditional business. Your website/app sells your product the best. As soon as somebody would hear about a new company, he/ she will first try to check its website on Google or visit playstore/apple store to download its app.

But, there are many emerging startups who are not providing any product based software solution and they will contradict with my statement above. Hold on, I will share with you one of my experience with these no-software startups also. A few days back I found one of my schoolmates’ startup had been shortlisted to get featured in Startup India competition. Later they also got shortlisted for ASME. They have invented a device which can trap soot and have developed ways to create ink out of it. Now you all would be wondering whether a company like this really needs a mobile app or website. So did I. But after checking their Facebook page, I found this ( They have their own website which they use not only to introduce themselves but also to showcase their products.

When I hear about startups like The kachori co. ( which delivers kachoris to your doorstep. Sounds yumm as well as strange. An android app to deliver kachori? Hain!!. When I wonder what else can be there except zomato which lists restaurant, I came across another app Foodie( which reviews dishes…hmmm interesting!

What is common in these startups is that they have a website or a mobile app. And without them you cannot think of their existence. Doesn’t matter if it is a product based software solution or a product which is helping to improve our environment. You have to accept that a website/mobile app is an integral part of your brand.

So, What is my reply to above padosi?  

Me: Uncle main mobile apps aur websites banata hu unhi startups ki jinki hum branding karte hain.

Padosi: Beta jaise ki Whatsapp?
Me: (Smiling) Hanji uncle whatsapp jaisa hi…